NAATI carry a range of products that can help you with accreditation test preparation or working in the industry. These products include:

  • Test sample kits
  • Translator stamps
  • NAATI ID cards
  • NAATI certificates
  • Industry guides

Learn more about them below or head to our Forms & fees page to download your order form.

As part of NAATI’s transition to the new certification system, there will be newly designed products and industry guides available from January 2018. Sample Test Kits will no longer be available from 31 August 2017.  

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To help accreditation candidates test their skills and abilities, we've developed a series of sample tests. These tests are available in most NAATI tested languages.

  • For translators: each kit contains 2x complete sets of translation passages (in each direction) and questions to replicate a NAATI test, extra practice passages and a handbook containing valuable information on NAATI accreditation and test preparation.
  • For interpreters: Each kit contains 1x complete set of questions, dialogues and consecutive interpreting passages, an audio file replicating a NAATI test, other practice materials and a handbook containing valuable information on NAATI accreditation and test preparation.

We highly recommended purchasing a sample test kit or attending a preparation workshop so you know what to expect.

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For new and experienced translators or interpreters we offer a range of products that assist people to easily identify you as a professional, including:

  • NAATI Translator Stamp: translators can officially authorise their work and indicate their NAATI accreditation by using their personalised NAATI stamp. Click here to learn more about stamp expiry dates.
  • NAATI ID Card: accredited and recognised practitioners can use ID cards while at work to easily identify themselves as qualified professionals.
  • NAATI Certificate: alternatively, some practitioners prefer to show a NAATI certificate to easily identify themselves as qualified professionals.

To order any of these products online, click here or click here to download an order form.

Practitioners applying for revalidation will receive certain products for free. Please click here for more details. 

There are a number of industry guides that NAATI recommends for prospective and practising practitioners. They include:

Conference Interpreting Principles and Practice

A comprehensive overview with something to offer all interpreters from beginners to the experienced. There are tips for beginners, such as how to overcome stage fright, what to do if you miss something, and both behaviour and microphone manner. You will learn how to become a graceful scapegoat, how to economise your voice, how to make delegates laugh, and how to deal with Australian-isms.

The Self-Employed Translator's Guide

The Self-Employed Translator's Guide, as collaborated on by Dr Wolfgang Frick (BA hon, MA, PhD), WAITI and NAATI, is intended for translators who are setting up their own business at home and aims to guide readers through some basic steps and warn them of pitfalls. The guide is only available on USB.

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