Other Services

NAATI also provides a number of other testing and assessment services related to migration and other government allowances. These services are completely separate to NAATI certification and cannot be considered as a NAATI credential. 

From March 2018, NAATI will offer a new Credentialed Community Language (CCL) test.

As part of certain points-based visa applications made to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, it is expected that individuals who pass the NAATI CCL test will be able to claim CCL points (sometimes referred to as the ‘five bonus points’). 

Click here for more information about the test. 

Information about how to apply for CCL testing will be made available in November 2017. 

NAATI expects that individuals who obtain certification would also be eligible to claim CCL points without sitting additional testing.

An individual who has passed a CCL test is not certified to work as an interpreter or translator.

Community Language Aide (CLA) Testing is used by the public and private sectors to determine eligibility for language allowances. It is appropriate for anyone needing to communicate at a basic level in a language other than English in the workplace. An individual who has passed a CLA test is not qualified to act as an interpreter or translator. 

NAATI will be providing more information about CLA testing in 2018.

Applicants for a skilled migration visa must nominate an occupation that is on the combined skilled occupation list. NAATI is the assessing authority for the occupations of Translator and Interpreter in accordance with the Migration Regulations 1994. In order to gain a successful skills assessment for these occupations an individual must gain Certified Interpreter, Certified Translator or higher.

If you apply indicating you want a skills assessment, we will assess your skills as "suitable" or "not suitable" for your nominated occupation (that is, translator or interpreter) against the standards we have established (i.e. NAATI certification). More details about the Australian Government immigration skilled occupations lists are available from the Department of Immigration and Border Control website.  

Though the occupations of Translator and Interpreter are not currently on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), state or territory governments may nominate applicants whose skills as a translator or interpreter are needed in their particular region. You will need to contact the relevant state or territory body for more information.  

We cannot provide information or advice about visa requirements, so please make sure you understand the requirements of the particular visa for which you’re applying. Questions about visa requirements and migration should be directed here.

More information about a NAATI skills assessment will be made available in late 2017. 

Once you have been awarded a successful skills assessment (i.e you hold NAATI Certification (Certified level or higher) or NAATI accreditation (professional level or higher), you may apply to NAATI to provide an opinion as to:

  1. The comparable Australian level qualification of an interpreting or translating qualification obtained at an overseas institution.
  2. The demonstration of verifiable skilled employment as a translator or interpreter undertaken in the last ten years.

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