What type of NAATI certification do I need?

Find out the steps you need to take to become a NAATI certified Translator or Interpreter. Certification is an acknowledgement that you have demonstrated your ability in translating or interpreting. It shows that you are committed to meeting professional standards in the translation and interpreting industry in Australia.

We've created two online wizards. Use these tools to work out which type of NAATI certification is best for you, and how to choose a pathway to be eligible for certification. 

What type of certification do I need? 

There are different of types of work you can do with your language skills. Use this tool to work out which certification type is best for you.

How do I become a NAATI certified Translator or Interpreter?

You may be already eligible for NAATI certification, or you may need to update your qualifications. Use this tool to work out your pathways to certification.

Pathways for Deaf interpreting will be added early 2018 

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Apply for NAATI certification 

Additional information about NAATI application forms and information booklets.

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Published: 05/12/2017