Endorsed Qualifications

NAATI Endorsed Qualifications are tertiary translation and interpreting qualifications (diploma-level or higher) conducted by individual VET and Higher Education institutions that are acknowledged by NAATI as teaching and assessing the skills and knowledge required by the profession.

Where a qualification at an educational institution holds NAATI endorsement, students who complete the qualification at the standard required by NAATI may apply to sit a certification test. NAATI endorsement acts as a quality seal that gives credibility to an institution's qualification(s) as well as providing a valuable incentive to future students. The endorsed qualification system will replace the current approved course system from January 2018.

Students who successfully complete a NAATI Endorsed Qualification will have fulfilled all the prerequisite criteria to access a NAATI certification test. Graduands of NAATI Endorsed Qualifications must apply directly to NAATI to access their certification test .

Students with enquiries about current Approved Course Institutions which do not appear on the Endorsed Qualifications list are encouraged to contact their institution. 

For the complete list of current NAATI Endorsed Qualifications, access the link below.  Please direct your enquiries regarding a particular course or program to the University or institution directly.

NAATI Endorsed Qualifications

Students who are currently completing a NAATI Approved Course can also download an information sheet about the changes from Approved Course to Endorsed Qualification. 

Still have questions or are unsure? Click here for our FAQ. 

Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Bachelor degrees and Masters degrees are endorsed for specific certification types and language streams. 

Generally, to make an application an institution must fulfil the following requirements, as applicable:

Click here for the Guide to NAATI Endorsement of Translating and Interpreting Qualifications.

Any institution intending to apply for endorsement should discuss this with NAATI staff (via eq@naati.com.au) prior to submitting an application. 

Click here for the NAATI Endorsed Qualification Application Form.

Still have questions or are unsure? Email eq@naati.com.au.