Our Policies

NAATI is committed to providing stakeholders with the best information and our applicants with the highest level of customer service.

The policies listed below are to help guide you through the various NAATI processes:

If you ever have any questions or feedback about these policies, get in touch with us.

The integrity of NAATI's certification system is dependent on the processes and systems that are in place to identify and define the languages in which accreditation and recognition are awarded.

Our Language Selection Policy intends to achieve:

  • Consistency in certification outcomes
  • Reduced potential for poor service delivery because of language related issues
  • Consistency in information provided to applicants
  • Clear definition of a language for potential accreditation and recognition holders

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We treat all feedback on our performance as a valuable opportunity to learn more about our customers’ needs and to improve our service.

A complaint can be made to NAATI by, or on behalf of, an individual, group or organisation but for NAATI to take action the complainant cannot be anonymous. NAATI regards all information about a complainant as confidential. Should it be considered necessary to release any information about the complainant as part of the investigation, NAATI will seek the complainant’s approval to do so.

We encourage you to get in touch with us first about any concerns. NAATI is committed to resolving all complaints quickly and fairly.

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